The Nexus of Nature and Knowledge


Education, Elevated

Here, students embark on journeys that not only connect them with nature but also cultivate essential life skills, leadership, and a lasting appreciation for the environment.

In the heart of Victoria’s alpine landscape, the National Mountain Centre offers a unique blend of outdoor adventure and educational excellence, mirroring the core values and objectives of Belgravia Outdoor Education.

Each program is thoughtfully designed to challenge and inspire, creating unforgettable experiences that shape confident, environmentally conscious individuals.

Peak Potential

At the National Mountain Centre, the spirit of inquiry meets the great outdoors. This is where educational adventures elevate learning beyond classroom walls, fostering not just academic knowledge, but imparting the wisdom of the wilderness.

As students navigate through the natural terrains, they encounter real-world challenges that hone problem-solving skills and resilience. This immersive approach ensures that with each step taken on the mountain trails, participants are also taking strides in personal development, building a foundation for responsible global citizenship.

Our Programming

The National Mountain Centre collaborates closely with Belgravia Outdoor Education to deliver specialised programs tailored for both schools and corporate groups. Together, they create dynamic, experiential learning opportunities that foster team-building and personal development in Victoria’s majestic alpine setting.

The Belgravia Outdoor Education (BOE) program for our Year 8 cohort at Mount Buffalo was a great success. The students and staff came back full of enthusiasm, stories and with a huge amount of learning from the program. BOE were easy to work with through the whole process: listening closely; responding to the schools needs; able to work with a large cohort of students and delivering on the agreed outcomes.”

Dr Mark Merry, Principal – Yarra Valley Grammar

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